About the label

The label Luca Xavier Tanner was founded in 2020, only shortly after its designer’s graduation at Head in Geneva. Now located in Zurich, the designer works with a small number of individuals to develop his designs.

Somatic, tactile and challenging – when designing new pieces, the human body is always in focus. Luca Xavier Tanner claims fashion as a tool of nonverbal expression for all of us. Thus, all garments are interpreted as an extension of oneself, playing with the malleability of identities.
Sculptural elements entwine around the body, forming geometric shapes and resulting in interesting elaborated pieces. Whilst playing with proportion and redefined patterns, all garments are constructed with an eye for logic.

Overseeing the whole process of the production is of great importance for Luca Xavier Tanner; all woven garments are produced in Switzerland; all Knitwear is produced in the Netherlands and any Leather goods are made in Hungary.


Justine Stella Knuchel


Laurence Favez, Loïc Cornaglia, Andrea Cojocari, Sandrine Praz


Sandra Habiyambere

Visual Identity & Website

Kim Fiebiger, Bastien Egger